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Scottish anchorages

Sanna Bay

The anchorage is more off the rather suburban Portuairk than Sanna itself. On a bad day Sanna beach is bleak, but on a good day it is sublime with the  sand, rock pools, sunsets and a grand view from Sanna Point. But on any day it is sad because once there was a thriving community here captured in Alasdair Maclean's 'Night Falls on Ardnamurchan', Gollancz 1984 — now it is all gone, more-or-less just holiday homes. Best to stick to the beach and the extensive dunes behind, beyond that there is a large car park to accommodate those who come by land along the 34 miles of single-track road from Strontian, some rather aggressive 'don't do this and that' signs, presumably reflecting the pressure of tourism at the height of the season, and then some undistinguished newish houses which are being built, and maybe now have been (some of the ruined croft houses are still there). The water-tower landmark seems to have gone, or maybe I was just looking in the wrong place as I crept into this slightly tricky anchorage in the days before chartplotters.

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Sanna 'do not' No 1 Sanna 'do not' No 2 Sanna 'do not' No 3 Sanna 'do not' No 4 Sanna 'do not' No 5 Sanna Bay

Sanna Bay from the dunes behind

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