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Scottish anchorages

Sheep Island

(Eilean nan Caorach)

This is a rather remarkable small island because at one time it must have been entirely taken over by lime making, albeit by only two resident families. There are three kilns, one of which is certainly in a better state of repair than those at Port Ramsay; you can look down it from the top as well as up it from the bottom! Behind them I think is the quarry from which the limestone was taken. Sheep are obviously kept here during the summer, and not surprisingly there are loads of nesting birds — mostly gulls I think. It is more an anchorage for lunch than an overnight stay, unless it is very calm, land on the rubble jetty. And take care, last time I visited there were no marks for the leading line.

Sheep island 1 Sheep island 2 Sheep island kiln

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The old furnace at the bottom of a lime kiln

Looking south to Port Appin

The open top of an old lime kiln