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Scottish anchorages

Shuna Island

The anchorage here is a bit further away from the rather noisy main road than at Linnhe Marine, but you can still hear it — maybe that doesn't matter too much, the scenery makes up for that. Go ashore, turn left along the beach and visit Shuna Castle, up a slight rise. This is a very crumbling and uncared for ruin but it is rather atmospheric with the vaulted rooms at the bottom, and a good view from the wrecked windows on the first floor approached by a spiral stair. It was built as a fortified tower house in the late 16th century, and belonged to the Stewarts of Appin. The island changed hands in 2013 but that won't change the scenery. The new owners are anxious to avoid any liability if a bit of castle drops on someone's head, so watch out if you do visit it.

Shuna castle and castle stalker Shuna castle sail

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From the castle looking across to Castle Stalker

From the castle looking south