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Scottish anchorages

Shuna Island

The only official anchorage on Shuna is the bay at the north end of the island although there must be other places too. Nowadays there is just one farm and one family with six cottages for holiday lets — remarkably each one comes with "a 17 foot aluminium hulled open assault craft with a small outboard motor"! There does not seem anything very specific to see and do on Shuna Island (don’t confuse this Shuna with the Loch Linnhe Shuna). From the north anchorage, where there is a decaying hulk to inspect, you can walk through rather difficult terrain of bog, bracken and bushes to Shuna House, an Edwardian wreck, still with collapsed ceilings and mouldy furniture — hardly worth it really. It's just a mess, not even mentioned in 'Pevsner'. The roof is still on and so I suppose some rich person might make something of it before it is too late. There are adjacent farm buildings, with a dog. Otherwise Shuna is a place to wander around or just to sit and admire the view.


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Shuna House