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Scottish anchorages

Sorisdale bay

With the wind in the northwest this makes a good little anchorage and there is a nice sandy beach too (although last time I was there we had to christen it 'Dog Poo Beach' for obvious reasons). There are the remains of a few old houses and some new houses, including a rather large and I fear dull modern confection bang in the middle of the view from the anchorage. So if you are sensitive to these things you will have to avert your eyes and look at Ardnamurchan Point, or go elsewhere. In fact if you walk up the little rise to the north of the bay you get a quite spectacular view to Ardnamurchan, Rum, Eigg and Muck. I have not found what is meant to be a bowl cut in the rock by some ancient tribe. One of the scenes in the 1960 film Bridal Path was filmed here. If you walk west along the road for about a mile you come to Struan Bay where the Nevada ran aground in 1942.

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The bay with Ben More beyond


Evening, looking across to Mull