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Scottish anchorages

Southeast Morvern

The coastline of Morvern, north from the Sound of Mull, is wild, uninhabited and beautiful, particularly the rocky outcrops and deciduous trees. From a distance, there look to be a series of sandy bays but do not be deceived. The beaches are of stone, they are steep to, and hardly ideal anchorages. But on a calm day there are at least two worth stopping at, even if just for lunch.


Camas Chronaig just south of Glensanda is incredibly isolated. No access from the land, not even a path. Just braken, stones and trees. Good for a barbeque though. Robinson Crusoe would have felt at home here.


Camas Eigneig is about a mile further southwest, and here you can anchor off the stony beach towards its north end. There seems to be a mooring but, as ever, you will have no idea what it is attached to and how strongly. So don't touch it, anchor like a proper sailor. And beware of the adders if you do go ashore.

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Camas Chronaig Camas Eigneig

Camas Chronaig

Camas Eigneig