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Scottish anchorages

Stonefield Bay

(Linne na Craige)

You need to get as far away from the road noise as you can, best by the Abbots Isles from where it is possible to get up to Achnacloich Gardens (strike up behind the boathouse and you will come to a little used zigzag path which leads up to the house and gardens).


But alas the gardens were closed to the public in 2012 when the owner died. I gather from local gossip the house was then passed on to a relative, who lived in London and is apparently a banker. Oh dear, these days it is difficult indeed to love bankers. However, the house now seems to be a top-end rented holiday property, sleeping up to 18 people — snooker table, nursery, six bathrooms sort of a place. However, on Saturdays between 10 am and 4 pm you are allowed to get a squint at the gardens.


The house itself is rather dull late Victorian Baronial Gothic but the woodland gardens are delightful. There are some tremendous trees here, Scots Pine and a nearly 200-year-old Douglas Fir just by the house. There are some nice lookouts over Loch Etive, with seats.

Achnacloich House gardens Stonefield Bay

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The boathouse

Achnacloich gardens in autumn