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Scottish anchorages

Taynish Island

A neat little lunch-stop half way up Loch Sween, or for overnight. Just up the bay there is a strange circular and castellated structure, not a boathouse, but some sort of Victorian (I imagine) bathhouse. It belongs to whoever owns the mostly 17th century and attractive Taynish House above the anchorage, which all looks a bit private, as does the nearer 'Round House' which is actually octagonal and was once a dairy and then a gun-room. The farm buildings are derelict. It is all so far away and private that it was once, it is said, the hideaway for the future King Edward VII's mistress (and of other posh blokes too). Later it is where John Lorne Campbell spent his childhood, the man who bought and then gave away Canna. Walking along the shore is nice, and almost the whole area along to Tayvallich is the Taynish National Nature Reserve where there is loads of nature and lovely walks.

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The bathhouse above the anchorage

Unusual light over Loch Sween


Unusual light over Loch Sween