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Scottish anchorages

Tinkers Hole

Although this anchorage has been described as looking like a quarry full of water, it is a quite delightful place. The pink granite seems to glow even when the sun isn't shining, and on a hot still summer day it is a blissful place to be.  You could do with two bits of equipment, snorkelling gear and some climbing shoes. The snorkelling is an obvious activity here and there are some neat little climbs on the granite boulders, particularly at the head of David Balfour's Bay which is a short walk over the hill.  


Indeed, walking ashore really makes the best of this anchorage because the views are so attractive from looking down on ones boat tucked secretly away, and the vistas across the sound of Iona one way and to the Paps of Jura the other.


The old observatory at the top of the hill on Erraid used to be for communications with the Dubh Artach and Skerryvore lighthouses. It is unlocked and there is a bench and a couple of windows to gaze out of and imagine yourself watching out for the lights before the days of radio.


The anchorage just to the north of Eilean Dubh is just as good as the Hole itself, if not better because it keeps the setting sun for longer. Just north of here again is a tiny island with a wee sandy beach — perfect for the children. And loads of seals, and an otter. So get out the dinghy and explore.


For the apostrophe nerd, I have no idea if Tinkers Hole should have an apostrophe or not, or where, so best just to leave it out. What the hole has to do with tinkers seems obscure.


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Tinkers Hole Tinkers Hole

A blissful anchorage

The old observatory on Erraid