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Scottish anchorages


Another of the slate villages, not so extensive as either Easdale or Cullipool, but with just the same sort of early 19th century quarriers' cottages spread around the bay and village green. There are no what you might call 'facilities' here in the way of a pub or café, indeed there are none on the whole Island of Luing, apart from the Atlantic Islands Centre at Cullipool. And the only primary school is down to one pupil even though the local popuation is about 200. But do get off your boat and walk up to the ruined possibly 12th century Kilchattan Chapel and graveyard, past the impressively large 1850s farm buildings. There you will find some authentic — so it is said — pre-reformation graffiti on the outer walls of the chapel depicting sailing ships along with some apparently meaningless geometric shapes. There is also an interesting plaque commemorating the Helena Faulbaums, wrecked on Belnahua in 1936.

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Kilchattan graveyard Kilchattan graffiti

Kilchattan graveyard overlooking the anchorage

Pre-reformation graffiti, Kilchattan Chapel