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Scottish anchorages

Upper Loch Etive

The loch above Bonawe is fabulous — remote, mountainous, empty and beautiful. No riff raff here. Curiously this is one of the few places where the old Martin Lawrence and the Clyde Cruising Club Sailing Directions diverge, the latter suggest far more anchorages. For example, Camus an Seilideire is a wild and beautiful place, fabulous views all around, and yet easy to find and anchor in. I am sure there must be a lot of mountaineering explorations that one could start from these shores. Frank Cowper rated this loch highly too: "The scenery is as wild and beautiful as can be wished, and forms a great contrast to the more sylvan landscape of the lower loch".



Upper Loch Etive

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The upper loch from Taynuilt pier