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Scottish anchorages


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seals 2 Dolphins

"The rich variety of bird life is one of the most noticeable characteristics of the shores of Scotland"  Coastwise Cross-seas, Henry Reynolds, 1921.

Wild life is really one of the main reasons to sail off the West Coast of Scotland. So much better than Greece or the Caribbean or the Whitsundays, and for variety better than anywhere else around the British Isles. Make the most of it. So what do you want to see?




Corncrakes, you will hear them not see them around Ardalanish, South Mull; Canna, north of Ardnamurchan; Eilean Mòr, Kintyre; Iona, West Mull; and Tiree and Coll.                                                                          


Seabird nesting cliffs: Canna, north of Ardnamurchan; and Lunga, West Mull which is the best.                                


Ground nesting birds: Eilean Dubh, Lower Loch Linnhe; Lunga, West Mull; Soa Island, West Mull.                                        


Puffins: Lunga, West Mull


Bonxies: Canna, north of Ardnamurchan


Ospreys: Fairy Isles, Loch Sween


Waders: Muck, north anchorage, north of Ardnamurchan


Sea Eagles: keep an eye open anywhere around the Sound of Mull.




Jura, in particular Bagh Gleann nam Muc




More or less everywhere, but in particular: Ardmore Islands, Islay; Carsaig Bay, South Mull; Creag islands, Lower Loch Linnhe; Eilean Dubh, Firth of Lorne; Loch Cuan, West Mull; Loch Scavaig, Skye, north of Ardnamurchan; Lunga, West Mull for Atlantic seal pups in late September, and Muck north anchorage, north of Ardnamurchan.




More or less everywhere, usually singly.




West of Mull, Coll and Tiree, and north of Ardnamurchan around the Small Isles, but could be anywhere. Usuaally several together.




West of Mull mostly. For cetacean sightings, and basking sharks too, at least around the Mull area, have a look at the Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust website. And report any sittings that you may have made.


Basking sharks: 


Mostly around Coll, Tiree and west of Mull — numbers were increasing but now decreasing again, however they must be difficult to count.  Take a look at


Sunfish: never seen one here, only in Loch Hourne — once      


And there are some rather good wild life centres:  Glenmore Bay, Ardnamurchan Natural History Visitor Centre; and Port Charlotte, Islay Nature Centre.

Sun fish

Sunfish, a rarity