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What to do about babies? Do not — repeat not — give up sailing. Take them with you and jam them somewhere in their Moses baskets or portable cots, maybe down the quarter berth. When they are awake, belting them into a car seat strapped under the sprayhood works pretty well, and they can be carried in the same seat down below or into the dinghy.  I don't know anyone who regrets starting them young, but there are plenty of people who regret starting them as older children. Mind you, the baby does have to have a mother — or father — who is up for the challenge and not worried about the dear thing crawling overboard (most unlikely, never heard of a case). Taking a header down the companionway is rather more likely. Of course you can use a harness, and probably should, certainly outside the cockpit. The ever-mobile toddler is much, much more of a problem.  Of course, limit how long you are planning to sail for, and under what sea conditions (same applies with any crew).

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