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A circumnavigation of Great Britain with one wife, five children, and twenty-two friends as crew


Charles Warlow lives in Edinburgh where he was professor of medical neurology until he retired in 2008. He has sailed off the west coast of Scotland for nearly fifty years, first chartering, then co-owning a Contessa 32, and now in his own Rustler 36. He is a member of the Royal Cruising Club, the Clyde Cruising Club, and the Association of Yachting Historians. He has contributed to around five hundred scientific papers and review articles, and has authored or co-authored nine medical books. This is his first book about sailing. In 2012, he recruited his nearest, dearest, and most adventuresome of friends to join him on his sailing boat Pickle for a voyage around Great Britain. Interwoven with reflections on his upbringing and medical training, and on his career in medicine and academia, he offers his thoughts on cruising and life on land from his perspective of being at sea. From engine failure off Bardsey Sound to a surprising sunfish in a Scottish loch, and from a crew member who suddenly couldn’t swallow off Dartmouth to a record number of family vomits off the west coast of Orkney, this is a captivating account of a circumnavigation of Great Britain With his keen interest in the geography, history, and character of the British coastline, and acknowledging previous accounts of circumnavigations, Sailing Pickle round Great Britain is as much an insight into the background and beliefs of the skipper as it is the story of his cruise.

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