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Coll and Tiree photo gallery

Arinagour Church wooden roof.jpg
Church roof, Arinagour
Arinagour Coll hotel.jpg
Coll hotel, Arinagour
Breacachadh new castle.jpg
Loch Breacachadh, the new castle
Breacachadh castle.jpg
Loch Breacachadh, the old castle
Gott Bay, Ben More on Mull beyond.jpg
Gott Bay, Mull beyond
Gott Bay.jpg
Walking on Tiree
Sorisdale bay.jpg
Sorisdale Bay
Broch at Vaul.jpg
The Broch at Vaul
Approaching Tiree at sunset
Sorisdale Bay
Sorisdale Bay
Arinagour. Coll hotel helipad.jpg
View of the moorings from the Coll Hotel
Sorisdale Bay looking to Mull
Gott Bay
Gott Bay looking to Mull
Gott Bay
Typical Tiree terrain
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